Reiki Vidya Niketan was founded on 8th Jun 1998, by a group of Three Reiki Masters comprising of. Dr. Subhash Gokhale, Late Mr. Dinesh Thakkar and Mr. Ajit Telang (known popularly as Guruji or Ajit Sir). All these Reiki Masters were trained by Dr. Shyamal Durve, one of the first Reiki Masters in India, under the banner of Reiki India Research Centre. Mr Thakkar and Ajit Sir became Masters in January 1997 while Dr. Gokhale became Master in 1998.

The idea behind creation of Reiki Vidya Niketan by these Masters was to create a novel institution which would create a right platform for correct teaching of Reiki Usui System of Natural Healing without any commercial contamination. The institution though founded by these Masters was immediately handed over to a group of Reiki sadhaks. The unwritten constitution of the institute was based on a philosophy that the institution will be owned and managed solely by the sadhaks and the Masters would mainly work as servants to this institution.

The institution was finally converted into a Trust under the name of Shri Swami Samarth Sewak Pratisthan and registered as Charitable Trust in the state of Maharashtra, since 2001 under registration No. E19110. The trust is registered with Income Tax under section 12A and the donations to the trust are exempted under section 80G. The activities of the trust are handled by a board of Trustees comprising of 9 members who are all Reiki sadhaks of this institution. They are as follows: (1) Mr. Madan Modak (2) Mr. Jatin Dalal (3) Mr. Milind Chavan (4) Mr. Abhijit Nandurabrakar (5) Mrs. Daxaben Patel (6) Mrs. Bhuvaneshwari Ravi (7) Mr. Vilas Purohit (8) Mrs. Monali Rakshe and (9) Mr. Sachin Gadre. All these trustees are professionally qualified in various fields and have been experiencing the grace of the divine. The registered office of the trust is located in Mumbai while the administrative office of the Trust is located at Devrukh near Ratnagiri in Maharashtra State in India.

With the new policies for Charitable Trust enforced in 2021 by the Government of India, Reiki related activities including Training for Reiki healing are now handed over from 1st April 2021 to another charitable trust founded by our Sadhaks in the name of Sri Swami Samarth Chaitanya Trust which was formed in November 1999 and registered as Charitable Trust under number A-4166 (BOM) on 16th March 2000. The trust is registered with Income Tax under Section 12A. The activities of the Trust are handled by a board of Trustees comprising of 7 members who are all Reiki Sadhaks of this institution. They are as follows: (1) Mr. Ajit Telang (2) Mr. Arun Shinde (3) Ms. Ashwini Telang (4) Mr. Pranjal Joshi (5) Mr. Vishal Shridhankar (6) Mr. Sunil Kulkarni and (7) Mr. Amitkumar Pandya. The registered office of the trust is located in Mumbai while the administrative office of the Trust is located at Devrukh near Ratnagiri in Maharashtra state of India.
The Trust has totally dedicated its’ resources for spreading a right knowledge of Reiki in various segments of people in all walks of life in India and abroad. Reiki seminars are conducted at various locations in India, the prime ones being Maharashtra State in centres like Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Devrukh, Thane, Nashik, Pune, Kolhapur as well as in neighboring state of Goa in Porvorim and in Gujarat States in centres like Baroda, Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Jamnagar where Reiki training seminars are being held regularly. Besides, the seminars are also held in other cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Nagpur, Kota and Surat sometimes. There are more than 40,000 students initiated in India on this path under the banner of Reiki Vidya Niketan.

Reiki Vidya Niketan has been selected as a partner for Reiki healing training for medical professionals including Doctors by Institute of Health and Social Welfare in Gujarat state under the Ayushman Bharat initiative of the Health Ministry of the Government of India. More than 600 medical professionals are already trained under this initiative by RVN.

Reiki Vidya Niketan conducts Reiki training seminars with the help of a group of Reiki Masters comprising of Mrs. Sangeeta Kulkarni, Mrs. Seemaben Trivedi, Mrs. Bharatiben Zinzuwadia, Mr. Vishal Shridhankar, Mr. Rakesh Kumar, Ms Krupa Choksi, Ms. Kalpita Keer, Ms. Aruna M, Mr. Jairam Athalekar, Ms. Ashwini Telang and Ms Nadia Edreva (in USA) under the guidance of Guruji Ajit Telang. All activities related to Reiki training are coordinated by a council of four Reiki Masters viz. Mr. Vishal Shridhankar, Ms. Krupa Choksi, Mrs Sangita Kulkarni and Mr. Rakesh Kumar.

Shri Swami Samarth Sevak Pratisthan continues with all their charitable activities in the benefit of the society. Educational scholarships for needy and bright students, medical expenses for the needy and the poor in the society, Goshala management at the Devrukh ashram, The free food for all those visiting ashram under the Annadaan scheme etc are some of the schemes run by the Pratisthan. The trust is also trying to work on the project to set up the medical facilities under the name of Shri Swami Samarth Satellite Hospital in collaboration with the larger hospitals in the nearby towns to avoid the difficulties for the local residents of the village to go long way for treatments. The project is currently being worked out. This trust also runs a Devrukh Sangeet Mandir to uplift the musical talents in the village of Devrukh and nearby places under the guidance of a singer Mr Khedekar.

The trust also runs Reiki Arogya Mandir at various centres to help patients get Reiki treatments without any charges.